Studio H+L is an architecture and design firm that works on both residential and commercial projects, ingeniously incorporating their client's wishes with the architects' own international perspective and flair. Their work is site-sensitive, making the most of dramatic views and the landscape, while conscious of existing neighborhood considerations. Budgetary concerns, always important, are achieved by either using everyday materials in unusual ways or by exploring new materials as interesting alternatives.

Studio H+L's philosophy of contemporary, comfortable and economical design is exemplified in all of their projects, from small renovations to luxury homes. Pragmatic and creative concerns are cleverly combined into a unique statement for each project, even with the smallest job. While the two partners, Lina Husodo and James Linville, have been involved in projects throughout the United States, Studio H+L's work has concentrated on the central Texas region. Lina and James each have over 25 years of experience, both with other firms and on their own.

Thoughts on the design process:

A simple rule: it is seldom as simple as it seems. In new construction or renovation design, we are always trying to do something special, even with the smallest projects. There are so many issues involved, some pragmatic, like cost and financing, and others creative, like interpreting requirements into a unique statement for each project.

In new homes and home renovations, we strive to recognize the scale of the existing neighborhood but we depart from tradition in our interpretation of geometry and materials. We try to complement and fit in with the surrounding area while adding a dynamic new design element to the environment.

Lina holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis, while James has a Bachelor degree in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. Their work has been included in several AIA Austin Homes Tours,as well as numerous publications, including Better Homes and Garden, Remodeling, Texas Architect, Texas Homes and Living and Tribeza. They have also been featured on the television program, Lynette Jennings, Design.

In 2006 Lina graduated from the Culinary Academy of Austin (now the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts). She designs and constructs delectable chocolate creations as an adjunct to architecture.